MDA Service

M = Motors

Our motors-service includes maintenance and repair of AC/DC electric motors and generators prior to commissioning. Our state-of-the-art repair facility and an experienced maintenance team quarantee the highest level of workmanship.

Fast service

If a fault occurs, we will be on the operating site without delay. A repair plan will then be made together with the client, after which we will take responsibility of the maintenance process. Our co-operative network enables us to carry out large repair and maintenance projects.

Maintenance process

We undertake thorough maintenance of electric motors. The service includes dismounting of a motor, its transportation to the repair facility and the repairs made in accordance with a plan accepted by the customer. We ensure faultless operation of the rebuilt motor first by testing in our facility and once more after installation. Motors and generators that cannot for some reason be transported are repaired and overhauled on-site.


We undertake comlete rewinding of stators and rotors of AC and DC motors. A dynamic balancing process ensures that the rebuilt motors operate faultlessly. Furthermore, the motors are test run at our test site.