MDA Service

Three experienced entrepreneurs - a capable team

The business idea of MDA Service Ltd is to combine the three essential processes of industrial maintenance into one seamless service operation. The company was founded in 2010 when the three founders and the rest of the staff put together over 240 years´ worth of experience in industrial work.

The company currently employs 11 professionals. More people will be recruited as dictated by the needs of our clients.

The way we operate

MDA is an expert contractor whose operation is foremostly based on customer-oriented approach and on offering solutions on a practical level.

M+D+A means both savings and flexibility to client. As the services are provided by one contractor the client saves in purchasing and supervision.

Our clients operate all over the world, often in very demanding conditions. MDA faces up the challenges with experience and determination.

Our clients

Our clients are industry leaders in in the fields of forestry, wood processing, chemistry, energy industry and transportation. Our clientele includes Outokumpu Stainless Ltd, ABB Ltd, Fortum Power & Heat, Alstom Power Ltd, Metso Drives and VEO, to name some.

Our operating field reaches as far as the industrial operations of our clients. More and more often the target is located on another continent where the conditions require that the operator in charge of maintenance is experienced and resourceful